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About Bobbi and Colin




At the age of 10 Colin picked up his first camera and instantly fell in love with the art of photography. When he watched his first image come to life in the photographic developer tray he knew that this would be his life's purpose. He was always surrounded by people with creative passions which only drove him to better his own practice. Colin was originally inspired by his father who transformed their kitchen into a darkroom, and legends like Ansel Adams, Yousuf Karsh, and John Singer Sargent to name a few. After years of honing his artistic ability as a photographer, he completed his Master of Photography Degree with The Professional Photographers of America in 1992.

It was in 1990 that Colin and Bobbi reopened Strauss Peyton in St. Louis, Missouri. The photographic studio started by Benjamin Strauss and Homer Peyton carried over 100 years of history and a reputation of excellence in fine portraiture that Colin wished to continue. After a visit to New York in 1993 to see Graham Nash, Colin was inspired by his use of a large format printer to create Glicee Prints. He knew he could incorporate this creative style into his own work. This inspiration led to the creation of the Mixed Media Masterworks process that combines two artistic mediums; photography and paint. Colin was one of the first to create this style of photography and has been creating these artistically embellished portraits for over 25 years.

Colin's eagerness to create photographic art has led him to become a nationally recognized portrait artist. His skills and mastery are identifiable in each piece whether finished as a Black and White, Canvas Emulsion, or Mixed Media Portrait. Colin's most distinguishable skill is his ability to put people at ease which allows him to capture natural expressions giving each portrait its realistic touch. A Strauss Peyton portrait by Colin Miller is a one of a kind masterpiece uniquely designed and handcrafted for your home.

The Art of Photography